Welcome to my new website! I am so happy to have you here.

If you have been in my community for a while, you can see that I’ve made some exciting changes and additions. If you’re new here, thank you for joining me. And while you’re here, please sign up to get my free gift, “The Ultimate Checklist for Manifesting Powerful Results in Your Life” along with news, updates, and occasional specials.

I still offer life coaching to help you overcome the blocks that hold you back from living your life to its fullest potential. And now I also conduct sacred energetic space clearings for your home and office. I have been preparing for this additional service for months, and I am so excited to present it to my clients now.

There will be much more on space clearing in the coming months, and in the meantime, you can check out my web page here for more information.

This is an exhilarating time. More and more, people are looking for holistic ways to take care of themselves, create balance, bring peace and harmony into their homes and workplaces, achieve their goals, and manifest good things into their lives.

Conscious Living Pathways is here to offer you the support, tools, methods, processes, and accountability you need to help you get what you desire.

You are so worth it! Let’s get started now. Contact me to discuss your specific needs.