Energy shifting: Out with the old, in with the new

Everything is energy. I’m not talking about having the stamina to keep going. I’m not talking about electricity. I’m talking about energetic vibration.

Every single thing has an energetic vibration, from the rock you picked up by the river to the sun shining it’s light and warmth on the Earth.

People also have energetic vibrations. And everywhere we go we leave some of that energy behind. And everyone else leaves some of their energy behind everywhere they go as well.

When people come into our space who have higher vibrational energy–what we refer to as good or positive energy–it can have an uplifting effect on us. And the opposite is also true. If someone with dense, heavy energy comes into our space–our home, or office, or into our physical space such as in line at the grocery store–it affects our personal energy in a negative way.

Other things and situations can also lower the energy in our space: illness, arguments, anger, sadness, fear, depression, even clutter.

This negative, lower vibrational energy builds up over time and causes us to feel sluggish. If you could see it, it would look much like dark clouds hovering around our rooms and our physical bodies. It affects our ability to think clearly and make decisions. It can also have an impact on our physical and emotional health and well being. And it can even affect our relationships.

It is vitally important to remove the negative energy from your space. Because once that dense or stagnant energy is shifted, then you have the empty space to bring good things into your life. Things like more love and joy and prosperity.

Changing your thoughts and beliefs from negative to positive is a good way to begin. And while that can help to prevent more of those “dark clouds” from forming, it won’t remove the ones that are already there.

An energetic space clearing is the best way to shift the existing dense, unwanted energy to a higher vibrational energy.

For more information on space clearings, please visit my space clearing page, and contact me here to ask any questions you might have.