The most important love of all

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. For some, it was a time to show love and appreciation to your sweetheart. You might have given or received flowers or chocolates or jewelry. Or maybe you enjoyed a romantic dinner or a little getaway.

For others, however, Valentine’s Day was filled with loneliness, sadness, regret, maybe even fear. When there is no significant other to share your love with, it’s easy to feel down. You might have experienced these emotions even if you have someone in your life. Being in a relationship doesn’t always guarantee that true love and romance exist.

But whether you shared the day with someone special or not, we seem to have this love thing backwards. While it’s wonderful to have someone special in your life to love, the most important love of all is self love.

Loving yourself is never selfish. It’s treating yourself with kindness and respect. It’s owning all of your precious goodness. It’s accepting yourself just as you are. It’s knowing that your faults do not define your true identity. It creates wholeness and “enoughness”.

Only when you truly love yourself can you love others. And when you love yourself you are able to receive love from others.

You are so worthy and deserving of having love in your life. And it all begins with YOU!

What can you do today to love and accept yourself even more?

If you are struggling with self love, coaching can empower you to bring that vital love into your life. And then you can share it with others. Contact me here to schedule your free 20-minute strategy session.