The amazing power of disconnect

Last week I discovered that the wifi on my phone had somehow inadvertently gotten turned off and I had used up almost all of my data for the month. I was getting ready to go out of town for several days where there was no wifi! Not wanting to pay the extra fee for more data, I panicked. What would I do without my data?

Well, we went out of town as planned…with my phone but almost no data. And you know what? I survived. And not only did I survive, I actually enjoyed being disconnected. I wasn’t constantly checking my phone for messages and notifications. And while I did need to respond to a couple of important emails, I got along just fine without the Internet.

It was a good lesson on being in the present moment. A lesson that I sometimes forget. During my few days away I had the incredibly peaceful experience of spending time in nature. I relaxed with a good book. On the warm days we opened the back door and listened to the soothing sounds of birds chirping and the breezes rustling the reeds on the marsh. I enjoyed a glass of wine and conversation with my husband in the evenings. All these things without distraction.

I have to be connected for my work. But I realized I do not have to be connected during my time off. When you embrace the disconnect, life changes. You notice the exquisite details of your environment. You focus on the people around you. You get real with yourself in a deep and meaningful way. You have more time to spend on the things you enjoy the most.

So here’s your challenge: Can you disconnected for one day? Just one day! Maybe on a Sunday. If that’s too much to ask, maybe give up Facebook for one day. Try it and see what happens. It could change your life.