The changes they are a comin’. Here’s how to deal with them.

Change. It happens all the time. With our blessing or without it.

Change can be good…even great. But for some reason we often see it as negative, which usually happens when it’s forced upon us. Policies, schedules, personnel, and company owners may change at work totally against our wishes. And those can all be very difficult to deal with.

In our personal lives unwanted change may come in the form of a loved one leaving us, developing a medical condition that impacts our ability to do things we once did, having to move to a new home, an unplanned pregnancy, or retiring before we’re ready.

There are all kinds of things–from the insignificant to the traumatic–that can create change in our lives. And even when the change is good, or when it’s our own choice, it can still be very stressful.

It’s really easy to fall into the “why me” victim mentality when things change against our will. So now, in addition to dealing with the change itself, we are also dealing with a thought process that does not serve our highest good and which can lead to more negative things happening.

Being in that negative state of mind will also impact our environment. Because every thought is an energetic vibration, that “negative” vibration permeates our homes and workplaces, and it stagnates there. This affects not only us, but also anyone else who comes into our spaces.

This is not the kind of energy we want to have surrounding us.

So how do we deal with change? The most important thing is to accept it, especially when there is nothing we can do about it. Change is always going to happen, and the more readily we accept it, the more peace we will have in our lives.

Another step is to look for the good in every situation. Know that there IS some good in every change, even if we don’t see it right away. When we recognize everything as a learning and growing experience, it’s easier to accept and move beyond the pain and frustration.

Next, if there is something we can do about an unwanted change, we need to do it. There is no need to suffer unnecessarily. We often assume we can’t do anything about a situation when we actually can do something if we look deeply enough.

And finally, let’s take care of ourselves. When we’re angry, resentful, or stressed, we often forget about ourselves, and this is a critical time for self-pampering. Whether that means taking some time off, getting a massage, exercising, or meditating, we need to do what elevates our energy and makes us feel good again.

Now, how are you going to deal with change in your life? Please leave a comment below.