Five simple ways to harness the profound power of nature

In the deep stillness of the early hours, one of my greatest pleasures is taking my dog, Tony, for his morning walk. Even though our daily walks lead us through our neighborhood rather than through the woods, there is still a peaceful sacredness when traffic is virtually nonexistent and the only people we meet are the other morning walkers we pass on occasion. 
I live in an older neighborhood where there are still lots of trees and shrubs and birds and small wildlife. The blissful quiet of the outdoors, interrupted only by the the sweet sounds of the birds singing and the squirrels chattering, is profound and puts me in the proper frame of mind to begin my day in a mindful way.

While you may not be consciously aware of it, you most likely feel better when you are in nature too. There is something magical and healing about the outdoors. Answers will come to you that you have been seeking. Creative insights will pop up in your mind. Peace and serenity will wash over you. If you pay attention, you will feel connected to something much bigger than yourself. 

Even in the city where there is not a lot of nature, there is always the sky to look up to and be healed by its beauty and immenseness. 

If you have a job that keeps you indoors most of the day, it’s often difficult to enjoy the power of nature. However, it’s easy to bring nature indoors.

Here are some simple ways to connect with nature when you can’t get outside:

1. Keep fresh flowers or live plants in your home or office. Not only do plants have health benefits, they can also bring joy, enhance creativity, and reduce stress and anxiety. If you don’t believe you have a green thumb, flowers might be the better option for you.

2. Surround yourself with pictures of nature. You’re going to have art on your walls anyway, so you might as well decorate them with images of nature. Whether they’re landscapes, seascapes, or still lifes of fruits, flowers, birds, or animals, they can evoke a sense of stillness and wonder within you. (Dogs playing poker probably won’t work here.) 

3. Bring in a water element. Tabletop fountains are a wonderful way to bring nature indoors. And as an added benefit, flowing water can help to increase your abundance.

4. Add crystals to your decor. Crystals are beautiful gifts from the earth, and they have a wonderful energetic vibration that can bring emotional and physical healing. There are various ways to select your crystals, but I have found that the best way is to simply choose the ones that you are visually attracted to.  

5. Display your collections of natural items in a prominent location. Whether you collect shells or driftwood from your vacations at the beach, feathers from your walks in the woods, or smooth stones from the river bed, put them out where you can see and connect with them daily. 

Use your imagination to come up with other ways to bring the healing power of nature into your home of office. Before making any changes or additions to your home or office, it’s always a good idea to start fresh with a space clearing

And of course, connect with nature outside as often as you can. Let me know how this works for you.