Some life-changing secrets just for you

According to the calendar, spring started a couple months ago. According to the weather, it only started a couple weeks ago…at least where I live in Virginia. And even then, it’s been rainy on and off for days. But the temperatures are finally staying warm.

Spring is a great time for new beginnings. The warm weather brings fresh growth and new life.

And with that comes spring cleaning. If you haven’t done it already, now is the time to start. While that may not sound like fun, it can have many benefits.

Cleaning can help you maintain your health. It keeps germs and pollen under control so you and your family are less likely to get sick.

Decluttering, which is part of the spring cleaning process, can be a life changer. Clutter holds stagnant energy, and removing it can result in a higher energetic vibration in your home, which means a higher energetic vibration for you, too.

Clutter can lead to mental fog, poor decision making, excess weight, depression, and other unwanted physical and emotional conditions. Eliminating clutter can erase all those things. Decluttering can also help you to be more productive because you aren’t wasting time searching for stuff.

Another benefit of spring cleaning is that it can make you happier. Clean and sparkly just plain feel good. Accomplishing a task that has positive, visible results also feels good.

And don’t forget the outside. Spring is a great time to clean up the flower beds and remove any remaining leaves and debris from the yard and garden.

If cleaning doesn’t excite you, turn it into a moving meditation. Focus on your actions and do everything with deliberate intention. Thank your home and your possessions–including those you are eliminating–for all of the good they have brought into your life. Think about the results you’re achieving and the blessings you’re receiving from cleaning.

It’s never too late to spring clean. You can start now.

By the way, spring is also the perfect time for a space clearing. Visit my space clearing page for details. If you would like more information on replacing toxic cleaning products with natural cleaners, visit my essential oils website.