5 summer solstice rituals to help you manifest your dreams

Tomorrow, June 21, is the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the longest day of the year and a time of abundant light and energy.

The summer solstice is the perfect day to harness that energy by setting aside some time to create a new ritual–or revisit a favorite ritual from the past–that celebrates the official beginning of summer.

A ritual is a ceremony, of sorts, that involves a series of specific actions in a particular order. It can be religious or not, depending on your personal beliefs. It can be lengthy or short. It can be whatever you want it to be…whatever has meaning and purpose for you and whatever celebrates summer for you.

Here are some ideas for summer solstice rituals:

1.  Get up early and watch the sun rise outdoors. Soak in the energy of the early morning light, and allow it to fill you with its power. Perhaps you might use this magical time of the coming dawn to practice yoga or meditate.

2.  Set new goals and make plans for the remainder of the year. We’re far removed from the beginning of the new year and the fresh, new goals made back then that we have likely forgotten by now. But it’s not too late to dream about what you would like to create and do and be in the next six months. Then set specific, measurable goals to make those dreams happen.

3.  Create an altar. The act of setting up an altar is a ritual in itself. The deliberate placement of objects on an altar is a sacred process and very personal to your desires and intentions. Include objects that are meaningful to you and that represent your intentions. You might include photos, objects from nature, crystals, candles…whatever speaks to your heart.

4.  Sage your house or burn incense. Both have a purifying effect and help to shift the energy in your space, which creates a higher vibration in your home and in your personal energy field. Having a higher vibration helps to manifest your intentions sooner.

5.  Attend a drumming circle. Or gather your friends and organize one yourself. According to project-resiliency.org, “Drumming gives us an experience where we can be free to connect with ourselves and others in order to release, restore, and heal. It is a universal language where all people can be a part, free from words and concepts so we can experience life with an open heart.” This is the perfect way to welcome the beginning of a new season and a new phase of life.

What ritual will you choose to create on the summer solstice? Whatever your choice, perform your ritual deliberately with meaning, intention, and sacred ceremony.