Smudging: A simple process to change your home and your life

It’s something everyone can do, and it can make a huge difference in your home and in your life.

It’s smudging.

If you’re not familiar with smudging, it is the practice of burning dried sage–sometimes combined with other herbs and plants–with the intention of clearing out any stuck, unwanted, or low vibrational energy in your home or office.

Scientific research has proven that smudging can purify and disinfect the air and reduce airborne bacteria, multiplying its benefits.

While many people think smudging, or saging as it is often called, is a New Age thing, it’s actually a sacred ceremony that has been used by Native Americans and other indigenous cultures for centuries. Today, people from all walks of life all around the world enjoy the benefits of saging.

I am often asked if smudging is a process that I use in space clearings. And even though there are many good reason to smudge, clients are usually surprised to discover that I will rarely use sage in their homes.

So, if smudging is so great, why don’t I do it for my clients?

There are three main reasons:
~  Sage and other herbs and plants used in smudge sticks tend to have a very strong smell that not everyone likes.
~  The ashes from a burning smudge stick often fly around and land on carpets and upholstered furniture. Even with the use of a bowl or other container to catch the ashes, they can still fly around and cause damage.
~  I have yet to find a smudge stick that stays lit for any length of time, making it challenging when clearing an entire home. Having to relight the stick in each room disrupts the flow of the sacred ceremony of a space clearing. And while loose sage stays lit longer, it can create even more flying ashes than a bundle.

These things don’t bother me when I’m clearing my own house. If the ashes fly or the flow is interrupted, I’m okay with that. So I do smudge my home regularly in between full-out space clearings.

In my clients’ homes however–and even in my own home–I love to use sound to shift unwanted energy when performing a space clearing. The sounds made by my singing bowl, tingshas, and harmony balls are very uplifting to me as well as to the spaces I am clearing. The sound waves go into every nook and cranny and are very healing to any kind of space.

Bottom line: If drifting ashes don’t bother you, I highly recommend that you smudge your own house in between having space clearings done.

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