Time for a new beginning

Although I don’t have kids to send back to school, I still love the start of a new school year.

I love the feeling of a new beginning that comes this time of year. Summer is unofficially over, and a new season is just around the corner.

Stores are filled with school supplies, which always make me think of fresh starts. Notebooks, pens, highlighters, glue sticks…I imagine all the possibilities in my own life for these seemingly ordinary items. Notebooks and pens for journaling or recording goals or plans or new ideas that I don’t want to forget. Highlighters to easily find favorite passages in my books that I want to refer to again. Glue sticks for creating a new vision board for the new season. Oh, the yumminess!

And the weather will be changing soon, too. The days will be cooler, the nights will be longer, and the leaves will begin to turn color. Everything is preparing us for change in our own lives.

This is a great time to set new goals for yourself, or revisit goals that you made earlier in the year but haven’t reached yet. Or maybe you have just let them go altogether without taking any action. I know I have a few of these myself that it’s time to look at again.

So I’m taking some time to ask myself a few question about those goals I haven’t reached. Do I still want to achieve them? Are they still important to me? What has held me back from reaching them or even beginning to work on them? What am I going to do about them now?

A couple of the goals I haven’t reached have become even more important to me recently, and I am using this ideal season for new beginnings to renew my commitment to these goals.

What new goals will you set for yourself? What goals will you revisit that you have let slide?

The change of seasons is a perfect time to have a space clearing. As part of the clearing, you set new intentions for your life and/or your home, and then we clear the energetic space for those things to come to you. For more information, please visit my space clearing page.