What are those voices inside your head saying?

Are you one of those people who talks to yourself? I know I am. I usually pretend that I’m talking to the dog so I don’t look too crazy if anyone is watching me. This doesn’t work if the dog is not around, so I try not to talk to myself out loud in public when I’m alone. However, I still talk to myself on a regular basis at home.

But I’m not referring to talking to ourselves out loud here. What I actually mean is do you talk to yourself inside your head? The answer is yes. No matter who you are, you talk to yourself inside your head. We like to call it thinking. That sounds better. But oftentimes we have full-blown conversations with ourselves…back and forth…never ending.

And those conversations–the ones that no one else can hear–tend to be the most dangerous. Most of us rarely tell ourselves how wonderful we are or how beautiful and kind and loving and talented we are. No. We tell ourselves what a stupid thing we just did. We remind ourselves how fat we are. We go on and on about how we could have handled a particular situation better. We admonish ourselves for not being further along in our careers.

Negative self-talk like this affects our self-esteem, our self-worth, our success in life, our relationships with others, our finances, and our energetic vibration. It can also create excessive levels of cortisol, which can lead to:

~  Weight gain
~  Lower immunity
~  High blood pressure
~  Fatigue
~  Muscle weakness
~  Anxiety, irritability, and depression
~  And more…

Is this what you want? I think not.

When you turn your self-talk around, everything in your life can change for the better. If you have gotten deep into the habit of negative self-talk, here a few quick fixes to implement. As soon as you catch yourself saying something negative, try one of these:

1.  Say “stop” or “cancel” to yourself, and then turn it around to something positive.
2.  Wear a rubber band on your wrist and snap it.
3.  Don’t criticize yourself for criticizing yourself.
4.  Ask yourself “How true is this?”
5.  Ask yourself “Does this thought honor me?”
6.  Instead of saying “I can’t…” ask yourself “How can I…?”

Pick one of these actions and put it into practice today. Which one will you choose? Let me know in the comments below.

In the next blog I will give you some long-term strategies for turning that internal voice around, which in turn can change your life and raise your personal vibration as well as the vibration in your environment.