What are those voices inside your head saying? Part 2

In the last blog I promised you some long-term strategies for turning that internal voice around so you can change your life and raise your personal vibration.

First, let me remind you of the importance of positive self-talk. How we talk to ourselves affects every area of our lives–our relationships, our careers, our financial abundance or lack of, our health and well being, our energetic vibration, everything!

So here are some longer-term strategies that can help you to turn your self-talk from negative to positive:

1.  Understand why you speak to yourself the way you do. Most likely your self-talk isn’t really your own true beliefs. You have probably been influenced by your parents or grandparents, teachers, bosses, and other authority figures who didn’t fully believe in themselves. They may have taught you what they believed, or they may have been trying to protect you based on their own fears, insecurities, and limited beliefs.

This needs healing first. Especially if you were influenced by someone you loved and respected. Just know that it is much easier to move forward when you understand the basis for your behavior, and know that it’s not your reality but someone else’s erroneous opinion.

2.  Own your strengths. Make a list of everything that’s good about you…no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to you. And take full ownership of all the huge, magnificent things about yourself, too. If you’ve engaged in negative self-talk for a long time, this may be difficult. If it’s really hard, ask others what your good qualities are. And then repeat those to yourself on a regular basis.

3.  Use positive affirmations. Writing down and reading or memorizing some positive affirmations can eventually allow you to replace the negative self-talk. Positive affirmation are statements in the present tense that describe the wonderful things about you. Starting them with “I am…” makes them even more powerful, but use whatever wording works for you

~  I am perfect just as I am.
~  I am in a wonderful relationship.
~  I am financially abundant.
~  I am living the life of my dreams.
~  I am beautiful.
~  I am enough.

4.  Hang out with positive people. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. This is huge! Are you hanging out with positive, upbeat people? Or are you spending your time with people who complain all the time and are down on themselves and others.

We don’t always realize the influence others have on us, but if you start to pay attention, you will notice whether you are lifted up or brought down by those around you. If you need to release some people from your life, just let them go. Yes, you might hurt some feelings, but look at the difference it can make in your life when you are surrounded by high-vibe people.

5.  Never stop working on yourself. It’s a long-term process, because we didn’t become negative overnight. And we can’t change overnight. In addition, things will happen that bring us down. People insult us and we believe them. Difficult situations come our way and make us lose faith in ourselves. We make mistakes and start thinking we’re stupid and incompetent all over again. We gain weight and don’t like the way we look.

Self-development is ongoing. Repeat these steps over and over, if necessary. And always read positive books, watch uplifting videos, and listen to life-enhancing podcasts. Go back to those steps in the last newsletter, and work on them daily, too. NEVER give up on yourself.

You ARE enough, and you ARE perfect just as you are.