Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did you get into space clearing?

That’s not a short answer, so I’m going to refer you to the About page on my website for this one.

2. How does a space clearing work?

A space clearing is a two part process. The first step is an in-home (or office) interview with the client to learn all about the house itself (or the workplace). We also discuss the clients’ desires and intentions for their life or work and for the clearing. While I am there I will go room to room to get a feel for the energy in the space.

The second step is the actual clearing. I come back to the home or office, usually a week later, with my tools. I then go through room by room, this time to bless and clear the energy in each space. Upon completion, I clear the clients’ personal energy field.

This is a very simplistic explanation. For more details on how a clearing works, visit my Space Clearing page.

3. Do you use sage when clearing a home?

I rarely use sage for three reasons: 1) It has a strong smell that many people don’t like, 2) Ashes can fly around causing damage to carpets and furniture, and 3) My personal preference is to use other tools that I am more aligned with and that I feel do a more thorough job of clearing the energy in a space.

4. Is the space clearing ceremony religious?

The space clearing that I do is a non-denominational ceremony. It is certainly sacred, and it can be spiritual. If clients make their beliefs known to me, I will work with their personal beliefs to the best of my knowledge and ability. Space clearings always include blessings and/or prayers for the home and its occupants.

5. Can you do distance space clearings?

Absolutely. Energy knows no boundaries. I basically follow the same same process as in-home clearings. It begins with the client interview, which is done by phone. Then, at the scheduled time, I work with a floor plan provided by the client and go room by room using the same blessings and tools that I use for in-home clearings.

6. What are your payment and refund policies?

Please see my Policies page for details on how payments may be made and all about refunds.